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Mentorship with Max

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Welcome, and nice to see that you want to improve your development skills and step up and improve your skills.

My name is Max, and I have more than ten years of experience in Full Stack Development with Angular, React and Flutter in Frontend and C#, Dart in Backend. Additionally, I work on a YouTube channel with a wide range of knowledge about Tutorials and Training.

With this knowledge, I want to help you find your way to Flutter Development and improve Software Development in general. I will cover questions like design patterns, improve in Flutter and provide engaging projects and One-on-One chats to help you bring your Development skills to the next level.

This Mentorship is available in three different Tiers:


Who's It For? If you're undecided or have specific questions about Flutter & Dart or software engineering, this is the ideal starting point for you.

What You'll Get:

  • One Hour Sessions: Personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs and questions.
  • Prioritized Questions on Discord: Get your doubts cleared faster and enjoy priority support on our Discord community.

It includes:

  • One Hour Sessions
  • Prioritized Questions on Discord


Who's It For? For those ready to level up their skills in Flutter, Dart, or software engineering. This is perfect if you're looking to delve deeper into specific topics.

What You'll Get:

  • Five Hours of Sessions: More in-depth learning and exploration of your chosen topics.
  • Prioritized Questions on Discord: Stay supported with faster response times on our Discord community.
  • Setup of a Roadmap: A personalized roadmap to guide your learning journey and help you achieve your goals.


Who's It For? If you're committed to gaining a comprehensive understanding of Flutter & Dart or software engineering over a longer time period, this is the program for you.

What You'll Get:

  • Twelve Hours of Sessions: Extensive, detailed mentoring to cover all the areas you wish to explore.
  • Prioritized Questions on Discord: Enjoy top priority support on our Discord community.
  • Setup of a Roadmap: A detailed, step-by-step plan to guide your path to expertise.
  • Regular Feedback: Constructive reviews to help you improve continuously and master your chosen fields.

What's included

Roadmap on how to improve your development skills

You want to improve, but you do not know-how? We will work together on a road map to increase your development knowledge and get a better Software Engineer in general.

One-on-One Video Calls

I offer you one-on-one calls as you need them. This will lead you in the right direction and help you to solve your challenges in programming.

Engaging Projects & Challenges

During your mentee program, you will receive regular projects and challenges from me. With them, you can build up your portfolio and improve your skills even further.

ToDo's and Milestones

You want to commit to a specific goal, but you cannot create good Goals to measure your success, let me help you prepare a tailored plan of todos and milestones for your needs.

Regular Feedback

To see you successful, I will have regular feedback talk with you, where I will give you honest feedback on your performance and how you can improve even further.

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How we work
Discord, Google Meet
Recorded Sessions
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Mentorship with Max

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